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HYDERABAD: While many youth from India, who were trapped in a major job fraud in Russia that landed them in ‘danger zone’ near war-torn Ukraine, are desperate to get out of Russia, two vloggers from India have come under the scanner.
While one of them, Baba, paints a rosy picture for youth to travel to Russia to take up jobs, including army jobs there, another vlogger, Pathan, advises them against falling into the trap and landing themselves in danger.
Some of those who were taken to Moscow in Dec 2023 on the promise of securing jobs of security personnel and helpers by Baba, who facilitated their entry into Russia, have spoken in videos – sent to their families – about the dangers they are facing on the Ukraine border and seeking help from Indian govt to bring them back. In one of his videos, Pathan also showed himself in army fatigues surrounded by several guns.
TOI is in possession of a contract that one of the youth was made to sign after he landed in Moscow. The contract looks ‘official’, is in Russian language. Baba, who advertises for recruiting youngsters in various countries, made it clear in his vlog – made on the streets of Moscow – that taking up jobs in Russian army was safe.
T youth fell for fat salary, tricked into serving Wagner army
The recruiters of Russian job racket were firm that 22-year-old Narayanpet youth, Mohammed Sufiyan, maintain utmost secrecy about the job he would be doing in Russia before recruiting him. Sufiyan did just that and remained tightlipped as he did not want to lose 1.5 lakh salary he was promised by the Dubai agent.
But little did Sufiyan realise that he would be sent to the warfront close to Ukraine border after joining the Wagner private army. Fearing for his life, he sent a video to his family as a last resort. “Our plea to the govt is that my brother and others should be brought to a safe zone first from the war zone where they are trapped right now. If it takes time to send them back to India, we will wait but their safety is utmost important,” Sufiyan’s brother Syed Salman said.
As his family is waiting for a response from the ministry of external affairs to assure them that Sufiyan and other Indians would be brought back to safety, a worried Sufiyan’s father, Mohammed Zahoor, tried to contact the agent who sent Sufiyan but did not get any concrete assurance about facilitating his son’s return to Telangana. Zahoor said they had to borrow 3 lakh to pay the agent for getting the job for Sufiyan.
Sufiyan, who went to Russia in Dec 2023, was also not supposed to give out any details to his family members. Only after he landed in Moscow and was taken hundreds of miles away from the capital to a place closer to the Ukrainian border, did he realise that he was in grave danger.
Considering that he was just a class X pass-out, Sufiyan fell into the trap of fake job racketeers. He first got some work in Dubai, where he was assured 40,000 salary a month. He had to take care of his parents and two elder sisters. His elder brother runs an auto but makes very little. His mother is physically challenged and father, also a driver, doesn’t earn much.
It was when a job agent approached him in Dubai that he could earn up to 1.5 lakh if he goes to Russia, Sufiyan fell for it. The agent told him that he would be working for the army as a helper in Russia, that he would be in a safe place and that he would not have to fight in the battlefront. But, Sufiyan ended up in the war zone much against his consent.

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