Uzbek migrants with offenses in Russia advised against travel to Kazakhstan

The Agency for External Labour Migration under the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of Uzbekistan has issued a cautionary notice to Uzbek nationals who have committed offenses in Russia. The agency advises these individuals to refrain from traveling to Kazakhstan due to recent enforcement measures resulting from bilateral agreements between Kazakhstan and Russia.

Photo: Travel to Kazakhstan after offenses in Russia could lead to detention
Source: Agency for External Labour Migration


The advisory comes in light of the newly implemented system within Kazakhstan’s border and internal affairs authorities. This system, based on agreements between Kazakhstan and Russia, focuses on the recognition and enforcement of decisions in administrative and criminal cases. 

As a result, Uzbek citizens with recent offenses in Russia have been detained at the Kazakhstan border. These detainees are held in penal institutions until Russian authorities make final decisions regarding their violations.

The Agency for External Labour Migration emphasized the importance of understanding the risks associated with attempting to enter Kazakhstan after committing offenses in Russia. The advisory specifically warns that individuals might face detention and legal consequences under Kazakhstani law.

Photo: Uzbek nationals advised against Kazakhstan travel post-Russia offenses
Source: Agency for External Labour Migration


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan has reinforced the agency’s advice, urging Uzbeks to ensure they carry all necessary documents when entering or leaving Kazakhstan. The ministry highlighted the importance of checking for any obstacles to entering Kazakhstan or Russia, particularly in light of the mutual recognition and enforcement of legal decisions between the two countries. The presence of unpaid fines or other legal violations in Russia can lead to entry prohibitions or further legal complications in Kazakhstan.

The ministry’s statement also stresses the need for Uzbek nationals to verify their legal status and ensure compliance with both Russian and Kazakhstan laws before attempting cross-border travel. The cooperation between Russian and Kazakhstan authorities means that any detected violations could result in significant travel restrictions for Uzbek citizens.


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