20 Indians Who Went To Russia On Pretext Of Jobs Still Trapped, Contacted Authorities: MEA

At least 20 Indians who went to Russia to work as support staff or as helpers with the Russian army are trapped there. They have contacted Indian authorities who are in regular touch with Russian authorities both in New Delhi and also in Moscow, said  MEA Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal on Thursday.

“We have an understanding that 20-odd people are stuck. We are trying our level best for their early discharge. We have issued two statements which you saw,” he said.

We’ve also told people not to venture into the war zone or get caught into situations which are difficult. It. We are in regular touch with Russian authorities both here in New Delhi and also in Moscow,” he added.

Earlier on Monday, the MEA had said that many Indians who worked as support staff to the Russian army were discharged following India’s demand.

It also mentioned that India remains committed, as a matter of “top priority”, to actively pursuing with the Russian authorities all the relevant cases of Indian nationals for an early discharge from the Russian army.

Speaking about the safety of the Indians going to Israel, Jaiswal said nobody has gone to that country after the provision of a recent inter-governmental framework for mobility of people.

(With inputs from agency)

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