With the promise of jobs, 3 youths from Kerala tricked into joining Russia’s war | Thiruvananthapuram News – Times of India

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Three youths from the coastal hamlet of Anchuthengu in Kerala, who were lured to Russia with the promise of jobs, have been scammed into joining the Russian army and fighting the Ukraine war. A person named Priyan took Rs 7lakh each from Prince, Vineeth, and Tinu, who are also closely related to each other, offering them security jobs in Moscow.
“We travelled from Thiruvananthapuram to Moscow via Chennai and Sharjah on January 3 this year.On landing in Moscow, we were received by one Alex, who is also from Thiruvananthapuram,” recalled Prince, speaking to TOI over the phone from a hospital bed in Moscow where he is recuperating after getting injured at the warfront.
Alex took them to a modest accommodation facility, but they had little clue about what awaited them in the next couple of days. Some Russian natives came to their accommodation and took away their passports and phones and made them sign documents prepared in Russian.
At the training centre, they were trained in using weapons such as AK-47s, RPGs, and explosives like grenades. “After the training, we, along with the others, were split into two teams. While Vineeth and I were in one team, Tinu ended up in the other. We were taken to Lysychansk in Ukraine to fight the war,” Prince said.
He said armed with an AK-47, and a few grenades, he travelled to the battlefield sitting atop a battle tank.
He was injured while aboard the tank. In the hospital, he had access to a phone, with which he contacted his relatives back home. Prince said his two other cousins are still in the battleground.
Similar cases have been reported from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Delhi, where the CBI recently conducted raids to bust the trafficking network. Union minister of state for external affairs V Muraleedharan said the Centre is in contact with the Indian embassy in Russia.

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