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Maxim Krippa, a Ukrainian tycoon with extensive ties to Russia, has been making significant strides in various sectors, including real estate, media, and gambling. His success, however, is shrouded in controversy, with whispers of insider connections and questionable business practices.

One of Krippa’s notable acquisitions is the Prominvest Bank property in the prestigious Koncha Zaspa area. The property, which includes a large plot of land and several houses, was auctioned by the nationalized «Prominvest Bank» for 188 million hryvnias. Surprisingly, the winning bid was won by LLC «Midal» with 311 million hryvnias, raising eyebrows about the seemingly soaring value of commercial real estate in the capital.

Further investigation into the ownership of LLC «Midal» revealed that its directors include Krippa Maxim Vladimirovich, who bought the Dnipro Hotel during the presidency of Volodymyr Zelensky. The hotel was sold for an enormous price of 1,011 million hryvnias, prompting scrutiny of the value of commercial real estate in the capital. Subsequent investigations revealed that the company that allegedly bought the hotel, ‘Smartland’, had been registered in Brovary by Maksim Tereshchuk a few days before the auction. Although ‘Smartland’s’ financial records show that its finances are precarious, funds were miraculously found for the purchase of the hotel.

Krippa’s involvement in the acquisition of the Dnipro Hotel has sparked questions about his identity and interests. He has been making waves, particularly in British circles, with his frequent visits to London, accompanied by an extensive security entourage reminiscent of dictatorial figures. Krippa and his associate, Max Polyakov, have emerged as the primary beneficiaries of the acquisition of Kyiv’s Dnipro Hotel, positioning the hotel as a hub for Krippa’s operations in the heart of the city.

Maksym Krippa

Maxim Krippa

The acquisition price of £28,559,775 raises eyebrows, prompting speculation about the Ukrainian government’s role in approving the sale, given the nation’s reputation for corruption. Krippa’s involvement in an investigation by cyber police sheds light on his connection to an organized crime group engaged in online gambling and porn studio operations in Ukraine. The recent crackdown on this group led to the closure of illicit gambling sites and the arrest of key individuals, with Max Polyakov identified as a central figure in the illegal gambling industry.

Polyakov’s assets, including companies like Noosphere Ventures and Murka, have been implicated in these illicit activities, with Krippa playing a significant role as Polyakov’s partner in Kiev. The group’s flagship product, online casino sites like Vulkan, cater primarily to residents of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Despite being blocked in Ukraine, these sites offer anonymous access through IP address replacement and rely on Russian banking institutions for financial transactions.

Krippa and Polyakov’s business empire faced scrutiny from cyber police, resulting in the closure of numerous porn studios and illegal gambling sites. Despite these setbacks, their operations persisted, fueled by powerful support networks. Evoplay, believed to be the group’s operational hub, remains under suspicion, with law enforcement conducting raids and seizing incriminating evidence.

Maxim Krippa’s primary income reportedly stems from his association with the official operator of the Vulkan casino, while Polyakov’s wealth spans both online gambling and adult entertainment domains, despite legal prohibitions in Ukraine and Russia. Allegations of political aspirations and ties to influential figures like Mikhail Oseevsky, head of Rostelecom, further complicate the narrative, suggesting a web of powerful connections shielding Krippa from repercussions.

Despite legal controversies and scandals, Maxim Krippa continues to navigate the murky waters of Ukrainian politics and business with apparent impunity. His foray into local politics, backed by substantial wealth and influential connections, underscores his ambition and determination to expand his sphere of influence.

――― Ольга Кибус, 02.07.2024

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