Who Is Karl-Erivan Haub? American-German Billionaire Went Missing In Switzerland In 2018 Traced To Russia

Haub is suspected to be living with a mistress in Moscow. (Credits: X/ @joiedevivre789)

German-American tycoon Karl-Erivan Haub, who went missing during his ski mountaineering training and was later declared dead, is found to be living in Moscow with a young Russian mistress, as per an investigation. The former Managing Director (MD) of a retail giant named Tengelmann Group was survived by his wife and two children. Then 58 years old, Karl was seen when he went for tracking at Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn peak in April 2018.

According to the German broadcaster RTL, the businessman was traced to Russia living with a mistress Veronika Ermilova. The investigation by the outlet was carried out after it was suspected that Haub faked his death. Before he went missing from his hotel, he allegedly was in touch with Ermilova and dialed her at least times 13 times. The alleged telephonic conversations between him and Ermilova, who is suspected to be a Russian agent happened three days before the former vanished.

Who Is Karl-Erivan Haub?

Karl-Erivan Haub, an American-German billionaire who disappeared under mysterious circumstances under Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn peak. He was an executive and a former MD of Tengelmann Group, a German retail company.

Authorities including teams of alpine rescuers launched an operation to find Haub. Five helicopters were deployed at the time and all of them searched for six days, but his body was never found.

Haub ran a successful business with some 75,000 employees. In 2021, Christian, his younger brother, testified in court that there was no proof the Alpinist, whose estimated net worth was £5.2 billion, was still alive.

Born in 1960, in Tacoma, Washington, Huab was the eldest son of Erivan Haub, former CEO of the Tengelmann Group. The family is considered as one of the richest in the world, as per a report by Forbes.

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