Who is Faisal Khan, Baba Vlogs YouTuber who allegedly sent Indians to Russia-Ukraine front?

After two Indians died after being tricked into the Ukraine-Russia war, the role of an Indian man, who lured several people with the promise of lucrative jobs in the Russian army, has come to light. The man is identified as Faisal Abdul Mutallib Khan, who runs a recruitment agency and a popular YouTube channel called Baba Vlogs.

Faisal Khan runs a YouTube channel called Baba Vlogs.

According to reports, he allegedly lured several Indian men to Russia, promising them lucrative jobs in non-combat roles in the Russian army. However, many of them were later pressed into the war.

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In one such video in September 2023, Faisal Khan promised his viewers that apart from a hefty salary, those joining the Russian army will also get a government card, which will help them get permanent residency.

He allegedly sent a large number of Indians to Russia with the promise of jobs in the Russian army in support roles. One of them was Mohammed Afsan, who died in the war in Ukraine.

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Who is Faisal Khan?

Faisal Khan runs a manpower consultancy firm, which provides workers in several countries. He is in his mid 30s.

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Faisal Khan told Indian Express that he sent 35 people to Russia. He was told by handlers in Russia that they would not be deployed on the front lines. He said he himself is a victim.

Faisal Khan claimed he tried to get them back. He also said what happened after these men reached Russia was beyond his control.

Khan said all those who went to Russia were aware of the risks. He said he wouldn’t have left any trace had his intent been to dupe them. He said hasn’t pulled down his videos on Russia because he is not guilty.

He is a resident of Mumbai’s Dadar. He went to Dubai in 2008, where he worked as a salesman.

He started his consultancy Babavlogs in 2016.

In 2018, he was questioned by Indian authorities after a man he sent to Dubai claimed he had been converted to Islam.

He has three lakh followers on YouTube. He posted his last video on January 8 in which he is talking about a visit visa to New Zealand.

According to the Indian Express, he began promoting jobs in Russia from July 2023. He said those working for the Russian Army will get salaries ranging from 40000 to 1 lakh after undergoing three months of training.

He claimed in the videos that the army needed manpower for clearing demolished buildings and taking care of arms and ammunition. He also demanded an initial fee of 3 lakh for his company.

He also claimed there wouldn’t be any risk involved and that he had personally verified the safety of the jobs on offer.

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