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Set big goals and go boldly towards them. The period from May 20 to 26 opens up great opportunities – this applies to representatives of all signs of the Zodiac. On what exactly are the difficulties that can still await each of us on the way to the goal especially for readers UNN told professional astrologer Xenia Basilenko.

This week opens up great opportunities for all of us. The main thing is to set big goals for ourselves and boldly achieve them. As we did last week, we have a stellium (parade of planets) of the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus, which has already formed

– Basilenko said.

Astrologer explained that the conjunction of these planets gives favorable opportunities in any financial activity, in the start of interesting projects. This is an excellent period for any changes in life.

“And the trigon aspect of Pluto to this stellium of planets will strengthen these opportunities many times over. It is important not to be afraid of change,” Basilenko noted.

On May 20, the Sun will move into the sign of Gemini and will give us all ease of communication and good luck in commerce.

On May 21, the Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio in difficult aspects. Astrologer advises to be cautious with your emotions.

“On May 23 at 16:53 Kiev time, there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This means that the next 2 weeks offer great opportunities to learn and communicate information. This is a good time for all people involved in public speaking, journalism, and logistics. It is also a favorable period for building any relationships, buying a car and any other equipment, developing new technologies.

At the time of the Full Moon, Jupiter and Venus will be in full conjunction at 30 degrees of Taurus and in trigon to Pluto. This is a powerful indicator of monetary opportunities as well as great luck in love. It is worth turning to meditation and spiritual practices on this powerful day,” the astrologer said.

On May 24, Venus will move into the sign of Gemini, from this point it will be easier to make new acquaintances and love relationships.

“Starting May 26, Jupiter will also move into the sign of Gemini and will stay there until June 2025. This is an important astrological event. This position of his will bring improved communication and will also make it easier to travel internationally as well,” explained Basilenko.

According to the astrologer, during this week we will have the opportunity to rely on our own intuition. This is a strong period for creativity, spiritual practices and prayers.

The main thing this week to be active and boldly realize their plans.

“In the horoscope of Ukraine, unfortunately, this week the stellium of transiting planets will give many tense aspects. Tense battles for territories will continue. It will get easier by the end of May.

There will be big scandals in the leadership of the country, especially in financial matters. New people may appear in high positions, which can bring good changes in the future,” – said Basilenko.


This week will open up excellent opportunities to realize all your plans and develop your own business. It is a good time to invest in new projects, make large purchases. In all your affairs rely on like-minded people, work as a team. At the beginning of the week, watch your emotions. By the end of the week you may get very good information or make the right acquaintances, successfully pass exams.


This week will be full of pleasant events for you. Especially for those Tauruses who were born between May 16 and May 20. Great opportunities will come to you in financial matters, as well as in love matters. A good period to visit a beautician and stylist – you will be able to successfully change your image. Invest energy and time in your self-development.


In the first half of the week you can get good profits, especially from abroad. Long-distance trips and travels will bring good luck. Personal relationships will also be favorable. In the second half of the week you will be successful, which will depend entirely on your efforts. Special opportunities will open up for those Gemini whose birthday falls on this week.


This week actively promote all your plans and projects. Great success and the possibility of good profits awaits you in everything. It is now that you can meet interesting people who will bring favorable changes in your life. Taking risks will also benefit you. Towards the end of the week, you should take a little break and gain strength.


This week, expect an increase in material opportunities, such as receiving a bonus, bonuses, and a possible move to a new job will open up new horizons for you. Start new projects. By the end of the week, you may meet interesting people or have a pleasant time with friends.


This week you will have good relations with foreigners and with big people. This is a good time to put all your energies into projects and plans that are important to you – these efforts will pay off with success in the future.

In your free time, you need a quality vacation.


You will have a very good week, especially in financial terms. Now you can quickly close all your debt obligations, get good investments for new projects. By the end of the week you may have good luck in communicating with foreigners. Education matters will also go well.

A fateful acquaintance may await you in the sphere of love. It is also a good time to propose.

It’s not a bad idea to take a trip this weekend.


This week you can get good profits thanks to your business or marriage partners. This is a good period for taking active steps in the financial sphere, such as investments or loans. But before you decide to do something like this, you need to think carefully and consult with specialists. This week you will also be able to solve inheritance issues. It is a good time to buy real estate.

Wednesday will be a very emotional day for you and you may make mistakes.


This week will be very emotional for you, as the Full Moon on May 23rd will be in your zodiac sign. But still this week can bring you great success, however, it will depend on you and your ability to show delicacy and diplomacy towards other people. Then you will be able to successfully implement any business, sign documents that are important to you and even take some risks.

A good time towards the end of the week for your personal life.


This week can bring you luck in any kind of activity. The main thing is to approach everything unconventionally and creatively. You will be able to change a lot in your work or find a new one. Also, you can expect great success in financial matters, a significant profit. It is now the time to actively develop your business. You may also receive a gift from a loved one.


This week you will be able to feel a great inner strength that will help you realize all your undertakings and plans. You will be able to become a great support and support for your loved ones, solve issues with real estate or other major purchases. You will have great luck in financial matters. You will also have great success in personal relationships – you may unexpectedly meet your love.


This week you may feel a great inspiration, thanks to which you will resolve many issues. The main thing is to be active. Important interesting meetings are waiting for you, and by the end of the week you will successfully solve issues with your relatives, for example, it may concern issues of inheritance or real estate acquisition.

Great opportunities also await you in the spiritual sphere. Psychology, spiritual practices, meditations will give you additional strength.

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