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May 24th will be very pivotal in our events and this week will bring us a lot of changes and astrological events. About what to expect this week representatives of each sign of the Zodiac especially for readers UNN told professional astrologer Xenia Basilenko. 


According to the astrologer, a parade of 5 planets is now forming: the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Venus and the white Moon. This concentration of planets in Taurus will push all of us to make big changes in all areas. You need to use this wonderful period to renew your life, to bring something new into it.

“In the 1st half of the week there will be an exact conjunction of the Sun and Uranus. Uranus is the planet of big changes, so very unconventional decisions can be made in our lives now. We won’t be able to live by the old rhythms, we need to go for big changes consciously here. And this is a big chance  for our development, otherwise these changes will hit our life anyway, but then already destructively. Also we expect in the second half of the week the exact conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter and this aspect will also give very big opportunities for each of us.  

The exact conjunction of Uranus and Venus this weekend will affect our personal relationships as well as financial opportunities,” said the astrologer.

According to the astrologer, it is now that there will be a maximum struggle for the division of territories and for financial influence. Leaders of many countries can make unconventional sudden decisions and it can lead to big changes both in positive and negative terms. As the astrologer noted, many important issues can be solved exactly by military way.

Also, according to Basilenko, it is possible for all technical breakdowns, risks of injuries and accidents, there may be natural disasters, we may have poor health and it is also worth categorically avoiding conflicts in relationships.

This is a week of great change and opportunity.

“The Ukrainian horoscope has a lot of planetary tension, which will increase military activity. Large offensives are possible, but the positive aspect of the Sun to natal Mars will give the opportunity to give a good response to the enemy. There may also be scandals in the government,” Basilenko said.


This week you will feel a burst of energy and great activity. You will have great opportunities in financial terms. It is now that you can expand or start your business, make interesting investments and implement new projects. It’s also a great period for you to start renovating or selling real estate. 


This week is one of the most powerful weeks of the year for you. Don’t miss your chance to change your life for the better! People, events that will attract now will be momentous for you. Make the most of them to achieve your goals. But if you will be afraid of change, then carry this period you will be quite painful. Try to change yourself and accept new things in your life.


For you, this week will bring big changes in your life. But they should start with your inner state. It is now that you need to understand yourself and your true desires, get rid of your fears and insecurities. And only after that make big plans, which you can easily and successfully realize in the near future.


This is a very strong and productive week for you. You should reconsider your tasks and set new goals for yourself. It is now that you can actively start new and interesting projects. Take time to educate yourself and learn something new, especially new technologies.

Lean on the help and support in your like-minded people. And the people who come to you this week may become great friends to you in the future.


A beautiful and strong week to realize all your ambitious plans. It is now that you may receive interesting offers in work and career, which you should take advantage of. There may be unexpected changes related to your leadership, which will also give you new opportunities.

But in the first half of the week watch your emotions, you may be on the verge of a breakdown.


This week you have great opportunities for long-distance trips and travels, for establishing relationships with foreigners. Now you can successfully change your place of residence, move to another country, get there the necessary documents for you. You should reconsider all your plans now. Spend more time on your education and self-education.


This is a time of great and unforeseen change for you. Here it is important that you are ready to change your life and actively participate in making important decisions. Don’t be afraid to take risks, which is hard to do for your zodiac sign. Also, unexpected material opportunities will come your way, such as an inheritance or financial assistance. It is good for you to invest in new and interesting projects and education.


In this period you will have great opportunities to sign important documents to solve legal issues. You will find help and support from your partners and companions. Show great diplomacy and polite attitude towards others, then any opportunities will open up in front of you. Good period of personal relationships, for marriage proposals as well as weddings.


Expect big changes in your business sphere this week. There may be a change in management, and you may receive exciting job offers. And if you review your life carefully, it is this week that you may drastically change your line of work and decide to pursue new directions. The people who come into your life this week could bring you many innovations and opportunities. Don’t miss your chance.


You need this week for a good reset and quality rest, so that you can feel yourself out and make changes for the future through writing plans. Now you can find some new hobbies or pastimes that could turn into your favorite profession in the future. This is a cool period for creative Capricorns. Now it is successful for you to switch to freelancing. In the love sphere, great luck awaits you – it is now that you can meet your destiny.


This week you can expect big changes in your plans, especially as far as where you live and where you live. There will be a lot of issues related to your relatives and friends, you can sign a gift, give something as an inheritance. All issues related to buying and selling real estate now will be very successful. And also for the beginning of repair, moving and in principle for the beginning of a new life.


This week will be so active that you will not have time for boredom, as you should expect a large number of new meetings and acquaintances – all of them will bring you new opportunities. Reconsider your plans, perhaps now you need to think about a new education and a new activity. Be prepared to travel and move around. This is a very good time to buy a car.

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