Ukraine’s iconic ‘Harry Potter Castle’ destroyed in Russian missile strike, video goes viral

A picturesque building in Ukraine called the ‘Harry Potter Castle’ was hit by a Russian missile. The attack killed four people and left 23 injured. According to the BBC, the Castle is the residence of prominent former MP Serhiy Kivalov, who was among the injured.

The dramatic video shows several bomblets exploding within seconds, triggering flames that engulfed the cone-shaped towers and roof of the Castle.

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The video prompted several reactions wishing for the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war to end. Reacting to it, a user wrote, “Why can’t this war stop?” Another user commented, “I feel bad for both innocent Ukrainians and Russians who caught up into this political mess.” “They should please end the war. There is no way Ukraine will win. Why continue fighting at all,” a third user reacted.

Sharing photos of the destruction, Andriy Kostin, Prosecutor General of Ukraine wrote, “Russia cynically disregards all norms of international humanitarian law. Last night, the enemy sneakily attacked Odesa. Five people died, more than 30 were injured. Among the injured are two children and a pregnant woman. Five wounded are in extremely serious condition.”

“The strike was carried out by an Iskander ballistic missile with a cluster warhead. It is an indiscriminate weapon, the use of which can lead to significant casualties among the civilian population. In a radius of 1.5 km from the site of the shelling, metal fragments and fragments of the rocket were recovered. The investigation has reason to believe that the decision to use such a weapon was made by the officers of the Soviet Union deliberately in order to kill as many peaceful Ukrainians as possible. The investigation is ongoing. We will find and punish those who give criminal orders to shell peaceful Ukrainian cities,” Kostin added.

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According to CNN, Russian officials urged people not to film or share videos of Russian air defences in action.

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