The Russians exhibit shot-up Mariupol trams as trophies at entertainment events (photos) 

A Russian museum displays shot-up trams from Mariupol, imposing a norm of war on children and justifying war crimes. 

A private Russian Museum of Technology organized a thematic entertainment exhibition called “May Day in the Museum”, where among the exhibits are two partially destroyed trams from Mariupol, which were damaged by Russians during the occupation of the Ukrainian city. 

This was reported by the Mariupol City Council. 

“The Private Museum of Technology organized a thematic entertainment exhibition called “May Day in the Museum”. Its exposition also includes two partially destroyed trams from Mariupol. They were damaged by the Russians during the blockade of the Ukrainian city. This is evidence that the Russians were not targeting military objects but rather the entire civilian infrastructure of Mariupol”, the City Council emphasized.  

The program of the event includes the “Military Field Kitchen” festival, reenactments of soldiers’ daily lives during the First and Second World Wars, quests, sports relays and gifts. Additionally, there’s an exhibition titled “War and People”, where stories will be told of those who ”heroically and bravely faced the challenges of war”. 

Photo: Маріупольська міська рада

“In this way, Russian children are gradually being indoctrinated with a norm of war rather than peace,” the City Council emphasized. 

It is noted that during the blockade and occupation, the Russians destroyed 90% of important critical infrastructure in Mariupol. Currently, distorted chronologies of those events are being taught in occupied schools to rewrite the city’s history, erase traces of their war crimes, and somehow justify the shooting of a peaceful Ukrainian city. 

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