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This week we are expecting the vernal equinox, which in astrology means the beginning of a new year. In addition, by the end of the week will manifest the influence of the lunar eclipse, which will occur on March 25. Professional astrologer Kseniia Bazilenko specially for readers UNN told what awaits us in the period from 18 to 24 March.

“This week, March 20, an important event will take place – the vernal equinox, which is the beginning of the astrological new year in astrology. At the time of the equinox, the center of the Sun in its apparent motion along the ecliptic crosses the celestial equator and passes from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere. Thus in these days in many countries day is equal to night. And in astrology on this day the Sun enters the 1st degree of Aries, from which the whole zodiacal circle begins. Thus a new cycle of life begins. March 20 is the strongest day of the year, when a person gets zeroed in, he/she has new life forces and opportunities. On this day it is good to plan your future, write wishes and engage in spiritual practices. And, most importantly, it is necessary to spend it in a good mood and in love with everything that surrounds us”, – said the astrologer.

Basilenko added that another important astrological event will take place next week on Monday, March 25 – a lunar eclipse.

“The strength of its influence will begin three days before it. Therefore, on the weekend you should not do important things, make large purchases, go on a long trip. It is especially dangerous to drink alcohol and give in to negative emotions. It is important to properly prepare. To do this, it is better to spend time at home, do a general cleaning, throw away everything unnecessary, “- says the astrologer.


In the first half of the week you may feel quite sluggish, but in the second half of the week you will have strength, more activity and desire to do something. Financially it will be a very good period, when you can earn good money and get unexpected profits. Your projects will be a success.

However, there is a danger of exposing secret romances. On the whole, it is a good time for creativity and psychology.


This week will be quite pleasant and calm for you, all your affairs will go well. Now you should devote more time to yourself and your inner world. Try to rest more, spend time in solitude, in spiritual practices. This is also a very good period for all creative Taurus. This spring in principle will bring you a lot of favorable changes that will come from yourself. Therefore, work on yourself!


This is a very interesting week for Gemini, as you will have many opportunities related to your activities and your projects. This is a good time to realize everything you have planned. You can get a lot of support from your friends and your management. In your free time, you should rest and get more sleep.

In your personal relationships, you may have a friendship that could develop into a great love.


The first half of the week will be very emotional. Try to keep yourself in control, so as not to quarrel with your loved ones or business partners. But the second half of the week will bring you a lot of luck, especially in relations with your superiors, as well as in long trips and travels. You should use this period for self-education. Now you can turn to high-class experts on complex accumulated issues.  All your started projects will go well enough and you will have enough money for all your needs.


This week will bring good relationships with foreigners, good luck in long trips and travel. It will be good to engage in self-education, you can turn to a psychologist in order to understand yourself. Success awaits you at work, as well as in relations with management. But in the middle of the week, March 19 and 20, a very nervous period awaits you. Be careful how you show your emotions so that you don’t make big mistakes.


This week you will have a great time in all negotiations and meetings, and you will also have a good relationship with your business partners, especially if they are from abroad. In business matters, you may get an unexpectedly good offer or a favorable deal. There may be an increase in salary, increase in material opportunities. Harmony also awaits you in personal relationships.

You will have quite an emotional state this weekend, which could lead to a nervous breakdown. Be sure to spend the weekend in solitude and a calm state. Do some housecleaning.


This week at work you will feel very distracted, you will want to rest more. So don’t deny yourself that. You do not need too much stress now. In the second half of the week you should give more time to your marriage partner, to establish relationships with others.

Success awaits you in any business and legal matters.


This week will bring you peace of mind. You will be able to take a break, take care of yourself.  Your mood will be very romantic, which will allow you to establish relationships with your loved ones. By the end of the week you will be able to put things in order in business and in your home. Your business partners will be of great help in matters.

On the weekend, it is better to spend time in the privacy of your home or in nature.


This week, try to rest more, as you may feel a decline in energy. You’d better take more walks in nature, engage yourself. There can be a very romantic period in love.  You will be able to get good job offers, but don’t be in a hurry to respond. You can get a lot of support from your close people.


This week you will want privacy and peace, especially in your own home, which will be a source of strength for you right now. You’ll be happier spending time with your family and your children than at work. Contacts will be sluggish. This is a good period for self-education, psychology and getting your house in order before the eclipses.


This week can bring you good profits. Many financial matters will be solved successfully. Also expect to meet people who are interesting to you. You may get answers to your questions, even through dreams.

You should be more careful on the roads as you will be very distracted this week.


This week can bring you peace of mind and contentment. The only exception will be the weekends. It is now that you will be able to figure out what you want for today. But your laziness and absent-mindedness will not allow you to realize what you want. In finances, the week promises to be profitable, and acquaintances with new people will bring good luck.

You will be irritable this weekend. Do some housecleaning for the lunar eclipse.

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