Shamil Mamedov will be the only Russian at the Olympic Games in wrestling


Russian freestyle wrestler Shamil Mamedov has accepted the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) invitation to compete at the Paris Games, according to the IOC website.

The Russian Wrestling Federation (FSBR) announced last week that Russian wrestlers will not perform in the French capital.

According to the information published on the IOC website, eight wrestlers rejected the previously accepted invitation. However, Mamedov is still marked as an athlete who agreed to participate in the Games.

Mamiashvili, president of the Russian wrestling federation, reacted to this in an interview:

– Shamil applied to the IOC and received an individual license?

– Yes, he has made a choice for himself.

– Have you already talked to him?

– No. What’s the point of me talking to him now? I communicated with everyone during the decision-making process. Of course, we talked to everyone, we got full support.

– What did Shamil say? Did he keep silent?

– He certainly did not disagree (with the decision).

– Is his motive clear?

– No. Another question: who is the moderator of his decision? The toys are long over, on our site we should be more careful about such things.

But still we should still contact the head coach, the head of the regional federation, but not to put any pressure. No one will wait for that. I want to understand his motive, how much it is a conscious and final choice,” FSBR President Mamiashvili said. 

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Updated: July 10, 2024, 12:07 p.m.

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