Serena Williams’ Ex-Coach Confidently Predicts 14-YO Russian Kid’s Ambidextrous Tennis Talent

With his unique style of play that involves playing two forehands and switching his racket between his hands, Teodor Davidov is creating quite a stir on the junior-level tennis scene. Davidov has drawn the attention of Patrick Mouratoglou, the former coach of Serena Williams, who believes that the young prodigy has enormous potential.

In January 2024, Teodor Davidov won the doubles division at the 42nd Petits As de Tarbes, captivating fans with his playing style. The 14-year-old Bulgarian’s participation caught the attention of various personalities from tennis. Analyzing his unusual style of play, Mouratoglou said that he sees “more advantages than problems” in Davidov’s ambidextrous approach to the game.

Patrick Mouratoglou does not see any problem with Davidov’s ambidextrous style of play


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Patrick Mouratoglou, renowned for his coaching methods and talent spotting, seemed more intrigued than concerned by Davidov’s ambidextrous playing style. The former coach of Serena Williams through an Instagram video post said, “I don’t see any problem hitting only forehands if he’s really totally ambidextrous, if you really feel as comfortable with both hands I think he can 100% play only forehands. I don’t see any problem there.” Further adding to same the point, he continued, “I see more advantages than problems.”

Patrick Mouratoglou emphasized Davidov’s advantage if he masters his ambidextrous technique against other players. “The fact that he serves with both hands is also a huge asset because he can use the slice on both sides. I mean, if he is able to master forehands at the highest level on both sides, he can be an incredible player,” Mouratoglou stated.

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The coach came to this conclusion after his careful observation of the techniques adapted by Teodor Davidov. Although not completely uncommon, playing with both hands while switching the racket from one to the other is not as easy as it looks in the heat of a match. Even so, the surprise element can throw off the opponent, per Mouratoglou.

Mouratoglou’s evaluation of Davidov’s ambidextrous style of play on court


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Patrick Mouratoglou’s appreciation for Davidov comes after a careful analysis of the advantages and disadvantages associated with playing two forehands. He broke it down into two points, highlighting the privilege that comes with an ambidextrous style of play. “The first thing that stands out is that it’s super surprising for the opponent. Who plays against someone who has no backhand? Nobody. So, they try to find the backhand and they never find it. And wherever they hit they have to face a forehand,” Patrick Mouratoglou explained the first point.

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Describing another part of the analysis, Mouratoglou pointed out how using both forehands can push the opponent off the court. “The second is that he takes the best out of it, and it can literally pull you out of the court with this righty forehand when he is on the deuce side and with his lefty forehand when he is on the ad side. He can play inside out in a way on both sides,” Patrick Mouratoglou further added.


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The tennis community eagerly anticipates Davidov’s future contributions, supported by his coaches, mentors, and Patrick Mouratoglou himself. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section.

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