Russian woman claims Delhi airport official wrote his phone number on her ticket. Viral video

A Russian woman has alleged that a passport control officer at the Delhi airport wrote down his phone number on her boarding pass and asked her to contact him the next time she is in India.

Russian woman Dinara said she is back in Moscow for a few days. (Instagram/dijidol)

The woman, Dinara, who has made several travel videos on Instagram based on her experiences in India, shared a video last week, claiming what the airport official allegedly did.

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“During the passport control, the officer has written down his phone number on my ticket and told me, the next time you visit India, contact me. Arre yaar, what is this behaviour?” she said, holding up her boarding pass but not revealing the identity of the said officer.

She also put out a poll for users to vote, asking them if his behavior was appropriate or not.

The post has garnered over 29,000 comments and over three million views.

Watch the Russian woman’s video here:

Most users who saw the video agreed with her that the official’s alleged behaviour was not appropriate, with several of them asking her to name the person.

Several others said it could be that the Delhi airport official offered her help during her visit to India as a show of hospitality.

“It’s a cultural thing of being overly nice with foreigners which is often miss interpreted as creepy behaviour,” Instagram user Aryan commented.

Earlier this month, Dinara had shared an Instagram Reel titled “Looking for an Indian husband”, showing her wearing a black t-shirt with the text “Looking for an Indian husband”, along with a QR code of her Instagram profile. The short clip has over three million views. Several users had called her out, asking if she was looking for an Indian husband or an Indian audience.

After her recent video on the alleged incident at the airport in Delhi, several users told her the officer would have reached out to her since she had said she was looking for an Indian husband.

The vlogger from Russia is currently back in her country, going by her Instagram Stories from Moscow.

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