Russian strike on Ukraine’s Chernigiv leaves 17 dead – Times of India

KYIV: A Russian strike on the northern Ukraine region of Chernigiv has leftat least 17 people dead and several injured, a local official said Wednesday, in Moscow’s latest aerial assault on Ukraine.
The region, which borders Belarus to the north, was occupied at the beginning of Russia’s invasion but has been spared fierce fighting for around two years since Moscow’s army withdrew.
Atleast sixty-one people, including three minors, sustained injuries during the early hours of the assault, according to Ukrainian emergency services. First responders scoured through buildings that were partially destroyed and sifted through debris in the aftermath of the incident.
“The enemy launched three missile strikes almost in the centre of the city. There are civilians who have been killed and many wounded. Rescuers are working now,” governor Vyacheslav Chaus said in a statement on social media.
The region’s administrative centre, also called Chernigiv, lies some 145 kilometres (90 miles) north of the capital Kyiv and had a pre-war population of around 285,000 people.
It was badly damaged when Russian tanks swept into Ukraine from Belarusian territory in February 2022.
Ukraine has been appealing to its allies abroad to supply it with more sophisticated air defence systems to ward off systematic Russian strikes on key infrastructure.

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