Russian officials say Ukrainian shelling kills 2 in a border city and drones target an oil refinery

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukrainian shelling of the Russian city of Belgorod, close to the border with Ukraine, killed two people, Russian officials said Saturday.

A man and a woman died in the attack and three other people were wounded, regional Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Telegram. It was the latest in exchanges of long-range missile and rocket fire in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Five people were also wounded when a Ukrainian drone hit a car in the village of Glotovo, some 1.25 miles from the Ukrainian border, Gladkov said.

Also on Saturday, a Ukrainian drone attack caused a fire at an oil refinery belonging to Russian oil giant Rosneft in the Samara region, regional Gov. Dmitry Azarov said. He said an attack on another refinery was thwarted. No casualties were reported.

The attacks come a day after a Russian assault on the Ukrainian port city of Odesa killed at least 21 people. The ballistic missile attack blasted homes in the southern city Friday, followed by a second missile that targeted first responders who arrived at the scene, officials said.

More than 50 people are still in the hospital following the attacks, Odesa Deputy Mayor Svitlana Bedreha said Saturday, according to Ukrainian state media.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised a “just response” to the attack in a video address Friday evening.

Saturday’s attacks occurred as Russians entered the second day of voting in a presidential election that is all but certain to extend Vladimir Putin’s rule by another six years after he crushed dissent.

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