Russian influencer starves infant son with ‘sunlight-only diet’, jailed

A Russian influencer who goes by the name Maxim Lyutyi has been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for starving his one-month-old to death. Lyutyi wanted his baby boy Kosmos ‘to be like Superman’, UK-based Tabloid Metro said in a report. The infant, however, died of starvation after he was ‘fed’ with only sunlight by Lyutyi, which would supposedly grant him superhuman abilities as per the latter.

Russian influencer Maxim Lyutyi (X/Muhammed Keskin)

According to the report by Metro, the baby boy Kosmos was born at his home after Lyutyi refused to let the boy’s mother, Oksana Mironova, go to a maternity hospital. Lyutyi then put the baby on a strict vegan ’prana’ diet based on berries that supposedly have a positive effect on the body’s spiritual energy.

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Metro quoted Oksana Mironova’s cousin, Olesya Nikolayeva, saying, “He forced her not to feed the baby. Her boyfriend believed that the sun was feeding the baby…”

“Oksana was discreetly attempting to nurse the baby, but was scared of Lyutyi… ‘How is it possible to feed the baby with sunlight? A baby needs his mother’s milk…” she added.

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Lyutyi also desired to conduct experiments on the child, nourishing him exclusively with sunlight, and then promote this approach as a viable dietary option.

Mironova’s mother Galina who spoke to Metro said, “I was against my daughter being in this sect… I felt everything, and told her that Maxim was crazy, but she didn’t listen to me… Oksana lived there like a guinea pig. Each time she became colder to me…. She was his slave…’

However, Lyutyi abandoned his lifestyle following the death of his one-month-old. The influencer confessed to killing his son when he appeared at the final court hearing ahead of his sentencing.

“I fully admit my guilt that through my inaction and frivolity I caused the death by negligence of my long-awaited, beloved first-born…” Lyutyi was quoted by Metro as saying.

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