Russian football officials threaten UEFA leadership again

Russian football officials are threatening the UEFA leadership again. International isolation is a major nuisance for the aggressor country.

The full-scale military aggression against Ukraine has deprived Russian football of international tournaments. The bogs are trying to find a way out of the stalemate.

Russian officials were negotiating behind the scenes with the UEFA leadership to return to tournaments. The first step was supposed to be the admission of Russian youth teams to continental qualifiers.

However, the strong resistance of the European associations stopped the hybrid expansion of the aggressor country. This greatly angered the leadership of the RFU. The organisation’s president Aleksandr Dyukov accused UEFA of derailing the agreements and threatened to quit the association.

“Now the negotiations are on pause. Both we and UEFA have delivered their positions to each other. All the arguments have been given. UEFA made a decision last year that allows youth national teams to play in the World Cup qualifiers, but this decision was never implemented. We believe that the ball is in UEFA’s half of the pitch. But we have the possibility of changing confederations. This possibility still exists,” – said Dyukov.

Recall that the Russian national team will not participate in the qualifying for the World Cup 2026 and European Championship 2028. Russian club teams are not allowed to participate in European cups.

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