Russian Defense Ministry Announces Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drills Amid Rising Tensions with the West

On Monday, May 6, the Russian Defense Ministry declared plans to conduct military exercises simulating the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons. This announcement comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and the West, particularly regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Russia Confirms Planned Nuclear Weapon Drills

According to the Associated Press, the drills are a response to what the Defense Ministry perceives as “provocative statements and threats of certain Western officials regarding the Russian Federation.” 

This marks Russia’s first public acknowledgment of such drills involving tactical nuclear weapons, although its strategic nuclear forces regularly undergo exercises.

Tactical nuclear weapons, which include air bombs, short-range missile warheads, and artillery munitions, are designed for battlefield use and have smaller warheads than those of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The aim of the exercises, as stated by the Defense Ministry, is to “increase the readiness of non-strategic nuclear forces to fulfill combat tasks.”

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TOPSHOT – In this pool photograph distributed by Russia’s state agency Sputnik, Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an interview to TV host and Director General of Rossiya Segodnya (RIA Novosti) news agency Dmitry Kiselyov (not pictured) at the Kremlin in Moscow on March 12, 2024.

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Russia Slams ‘Dangerous’ Comments by the West

Western leaders’ discussions on potential intervention in Ukraine have further fueled tensions. French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments regarding the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine were recently tagged as ‘dangerous‘ by the Kremlin, and UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s statements about Ukrainian forces using British weapons to strike targets inside Russia have been particularly concerning for the Kremlin.

The New York Times reports that Dmitry S. Peskov, the Kremlin’s spokesman, highlighted these statements as contributing to the escalation of tensions. He emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, “This is a completely new round of escalation of tensions – it is unprecedented.”

“And, of course, it requires special attention and special measures,” the spokesperson added.

Experts note that while Russia has conducted similar exercises before, this public announcement serves as a clear message to the West. Pavel Podvig, a scholar on Russian nuclear forces, explains, “This is a reaction to specific statements, a signal saying that Russia has nuclear weapons.”

The drills are scheduled to involve missile units from the Southern Military District, air force, and navy under President Vladimir Putin’s orders. These exercises coincide with Putin’s upcoming inauguration for his fifth term as president and the annual Victory Day celebration.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian drones have reportedly struck vehicles in Russia’s Belgorod region, causing casualties. The region, which was a staging ground for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, has been frequently targeted by Ukrainian forces in recent months.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Russia plans to evacuate children from the Belgorod region due to continuous shelling. The attacks aim to disrupt Russia’s logistics and create a buffer zone to protect border regions, as outlined by Putin.

It is worth noting that while tactical nuclear weapons are being exercised, their actual deployment in the context of the Ukraine conflict remains speculative. As Russian nuclear forces Pavel Podvig suggests, these weapons serve more as a signaling mechanism than a practical battlefield solution.

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