Russia-China ties ‘conducive to peace’: Xi tells Putin

Chinese President Xi Jinping, in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, landed in Beijing on Thursday (May 16) in a bid to further strengthen the China-Russia relationship amid global upheaval, said the ties are ‘conducive to peace’. In a similar statement, Putin stated that the ties between the two nations are ‘stabilising’ for world,” AFP news agency reported. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his first overseas visit since his re-election in March, solidified his grip on power. Putin secured a landslide victory in the eighth presidential election held in Russia in March and commenced his fifth term in office.

He embarked on a two-day state visit to China, as confirmed by Russian state media. Arriving in the Chinese capital of Beijing, Putin received a warm welcome from Chinese officials and a guard of honour.

Ahead of his visit, Putin while responding to China’s Xinhua news agency over how he assesses cooperation between China and Russia within BRICS, the SCO and other multilateral mechanisms, slammed US.

In his remarks, Putin said, “The countries that affiliate themselves with the so‑called ”golden billion“ do not seem to think so. US‑led Western elites refuse to respect civilizational and cultural diversity and reject centuries-old traditional values.”

“Seeking to retain their global dominance, they have usurped the right to tell other nations whom they may, or must not, make friends and cooperate with, and to deny them the right to choose their own development models. They disregard other countries’ sovereign interests. They seek to ensure their well‑being at the expense of other states, just like in the old days, and resort to neo-colonial methods to that end.”

Putin added that it is “needless to say, neither Russia nor its partners are happy with this state of affairs. We have actively contributed to launching multilateral associations and mechanisms that are independent of the West and are successfully operating. In their work they build on the principles of equality, justice, transparency, respect and consideration of each other’s interests.”

Russia picks China as first overseas country for visit post-elections

Picking China as the first overseas country for his visit post-elections holds symbolic importance as it underscored the deepening ties between Russia and China amid escalating tensions with Western powers and the dragged-on war with Ukraine, where Moscow has made some significant advances in recent days. 

Putin’s arrival coincided with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s decision to suspend all forthcoming international visits as his forces confront Russian incursions in northeastern Kharkiv, a city that witnessed evacuation of thousands of people amid Moscow’s ground assault. 

Against this backdrop, discussions between Xi and Putin are expected to address the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Both the leaders are also expected to hold dialogue on bolstering their nation’s economic collaborations, as well as energy and security ties. 

Earlier, when Xi Jinping clinched an unprecedented third term as Chinese president during a parliamentary session in March last year, where he consolidated his authority, he reciprocated by travelling to Moscow.

The agenda includes the signing of numerous bilateral agreements, with both leaders anticipated to commemorate 75 years of diplomatic relations at a “gala event.”

According to the Kremlin, the discussions between Putin and Xi will encompass a comprehensive review of their strategic partnership, charting new avenues for collaboration while exchanging views on pressing global and regional concerns.

(With inputs from agencies)

Heena Sharma

Heena Sharma is a digital journalist who writes mostly on current geopolitical developments. @HeenaSharma0819

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