OFFICIAL: The Russian wrestling team refused to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris


The Russian Wrestling Federation published news on its official website that Russia will not go to the Olympic Games in Paris.

On August 5-11, a wrestling tournament will be held in Paris (France) as part of the Olympic Games. Russian wrestlers, under conditions of sanction pressure, unreasonable restrictions, and with total and severe checks for admission, managed to win 16 Olympic licenses out of 18 possible, despite the fact that many team leaders, including both talented youth and famous world leaders, were not allowed to compete , winners of the Olympic Games.

In mid-June, a “list of admitted athletes” was published on the resources of the International Olympic Committee, including only 10 Russian wrestlers, six of whom are far from the leaders of the Russian team.

The International Olympic Committee became an obstacle on the way of Abdulrashid Sadulaev to the third Olympic peak, did not give Zaurbek Sidakov, Zaur Uguev, Musa Evloev and other wrestlers of the Russian national team the opportunity to compete, and the United World of Wrestling lost the last chance that the Olympic Games are a competition of the strongest.

In this regard, the executive committee of the Russian Wrestling Federation held an extended meeting with the coaching staff of the Russian national teams in freestyle, women’s and Greco-Roman wrestling and with athletes who received invitations to the Olympic Games, and came to a unanimous decision – to refuse to participate in the Olympic Games .

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Updated: July 6, 2024, 3:03 p.m.

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