Official squad of “Urartu” for the Conference League matches against “Kalev”


The official website of UEFA has published the squad of “Urartu” for the Conference League qualification matches against the Estonian club “Kalev.” The first match will take place on July 11 in Tallinn.

The “Urartu” squad includes 5 new players who were signed this summer.

“Urartu” squad for the first round of the Conference League qualification:

New players are marked in bold.


Aleksandr Melikhov (Russia).

Aleksandr Mishev (Russia).


Erik Piloyan (Armenia).

Arman Ghazaryan (Armenia).

Aleksandr Putsko (Russia).

Isaak Barri (Nigeria).

Erik Simonyan (Armenia).

Jirair Margaryan (Armenia).

Khariton Aivazyan (Armenia).


Lukman Gilmor (Nigeria).

Sergey Mkrtchyan (Armenia).

Narek Agasaryan (Armenia).

Artem Polyarus (Ukraine).

Andrey Kravchuk (Ukraine).

Anton Kilin (Russia).

Ayub Abu (Morocco).

Oleg Polyakov (Russia).


Edgar Movsesyan (Armenia).

Gevorg Tarakhchyan (Armenia).

Leon Sabua (Russia).

Karen Melkonyan (Armenia).

Mikael Mirzoyan (Armenia).

Ivan Ignatyev (Russia).


The match “Kalev” (Estonia) vs. “Urartu” (Armenia) will take place on July 11 at 20:00 Yerevan time in Estonia.

“Urartu” head coach Dmitry Gunko announced at a press conference that none of the Russian players of “Urartu” managed to obtain a visa. Therefore, none of the seven Russians will play tomorrow against “Kalev.”

The situation with the goalkeepers is unclear; likely, Mkhitar Umreyan from the second team will be in goal. He can be listed in list B as a club-trained player.

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Updated: July 11, 2024, 6:42 p.m.

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