Miloš Biković Dropped From ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 Following Russia Support, Actor Releases Statement

Miloš Biković is no longer involved in The White Lotus season 3.

In January, the Serbian-born actor was cast in the HBO series’ upcoming season. The announcement was accompanied by plenty of controversy, as Miloš is known to heavily support Russia amid its large-scale invasion of Ukraine. As of now, he has not denounced the war.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs promptly voiced its disappointment with HBO for casting the actor.

On Friday (February 2), the network officially dropped Miloš.

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According to Deadline, the actor was going to play a character named Russian Valentin, a Life Enhancement Mentor who works at the hotel in Thailand, where The White Lotus season 3 will take place.

In a statement obtained by the outlet, Miloš said, “Today, a targeted campaign has been unleashed against me, seemingly as an external maneuver to influence decisions that can create a disturbing precedent shadowing the essence of artistic freedom. The result of such a narrative is the triumph of absurdity and the defeat of art.”

He continued, “I was honored to be chosen to be a part of White Lotus, a TV series that I hold in high regard and with colleagues whom I deeply respect. However, my participation is not possible due to reasons beyond the realm of art and I will not bow to any narrative that seeks to compromise my integrity.”

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