‘I’m shocked’: Russian Woman Alleges Delhi Passport Officer of Inappropriate Behaviour

Screengrab from a viral video.

New Delhi: A Russian content creator with over 80,000 followers on Instagram has claimed that a passport control officer at Delhi Airport behaved inappropriately with her during her visit. In a video posted online, the influencer, Dinara, said that the officer wrote down his contact number on her boarding pass and asked her to call him when she visited India next.

In her video, Dinara expressed her shock and confusion, asking her followers whether they found the officer’s behaviour appropriate. ”A passport control officer at Delhi Airport has written down his phone number on my ticket and has asked me to contact him, next time I visit Delhi, ” the woman said in the video.

Was his behavior appropriate?, Dinara captioned the video. The text of the viral clip read, ”I’m shocked. Are you serious? The video has sparked mixed reactions among viewers. Many people criticised the officer’s actions, calling them “unethical” and “inappropriate.” One user commented, “It’s inappropriate. The officer on duty should not behave like this. Very unethical.” Another said, “This is not appropriate behaviour, and proper legal action should be taken against him,” a third user said.

However, some viewers defended the officer, suggesting he might have acted out of courtesy or a desire to be helpful in the future. “Maybe he is trying to be courteous for any future help … every situation has a different perspective. It’s just a mindset,” a user said.

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