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On March 25, we will experience a lunar eclipse. A professional astrologer Ksenia Bazylenko told UNN about how the eclipse will affect representatives of different zodiac signs.


The eclipse will have the greatest impact on your destiny and will bring many changes, and what kind of changes depends largely on you and your actions. The lunar eclipse will especially affect those Aries born from March 22 to 29. The most important aspect will be your relationships with partners, both in business and in marriage.

It is very important to review these relationships and think about how they can be improved. If you are single, then within six months you can meet your soul mate and even get married. If you’ve been going through a divorce proceeding and courts for a long time, you can end it. The main thing is that in any partnership, you will be able to establish a relationship. It’s important not to get into conflicts during the eclipse, otherwise the consequences will be very difficult and unpredictable.


This lunar eclipse will have the greatest impact on your health and emotions. First of all, pay attention to your psychological state. You may feel particularly irritable, and it’s important to keep a good mood. This is the time to quit bad habits and start good ones to stay healthy.

For example, switch to a healthy diet, go in for sports, and establish a proper day. Also, during this period, you will think about your work. Feel how emotionally you are suited to your job and your team. Don’t rush to change anything now. Within six months, changes will definitely come to you, and most likely for the better.


The lunar eclipse will bring you a lot of emotions and feelings related to love experiences. Be in a state of love for yourself and others. Over the next six months, you may enter into a relationship that will develop into love. Or you may strengthen an existing relationship. And long love triangles will be put to an end. You may also have a child that you will love very much.

This eclipse will bring success and inspiration to creative Gemini over the next six months. You will be able to show your talent brightly and boldly. But during the eclipse itself, you shouldn’t make important decisions or have children.


The eclipse will affect the “weather” in your home and your relationships with loved ones. Therefore, at the time of the eclipse, try not to get into conflicts at home, otherwise it will drag on for a long time. For six months, you will be taking care of your parents, and you may have to spend money on helping your loved ones. If you have serious grievances against your parents, you should work through them with a psychologist.

Housing issues will be successfully resolved, and buying/selling real estate will be very successful. And if you want to make major repairs or buy good real estate, you will definitely have the finances.


This lunar eclipse will bring you the desire to change your social circle, you will want to learn more, learn something new, and share your experience with others.

This eclipse will also greatly affect your emotional relationships with your immediate family – your siblings. It can greatly strengthen your understanding. However, if you have difficulties in your relationship, you should never go into conflict during the eclipse, especially if it concerns family property or old quarrels. This is the time to work things out and come to an agreement.

If you want to change your car, it can become a reality within six months.


This lunar eclipse can bring emotional fatigue and worries, especially about your financial situation. Do not worry, because in any case, within six months you will be able to open up many opportunities for earning money, and new business ideas will appear. You will be dependent on partnerships that can be very successful.

During the eclipse corridor, pay attention to your home – put it in order, clean it, remove excess and unnecessary things. This will open up the energy of new financial opportunities.

Also, take care of your body. Quit bad habits and start good ones.


This lunar eclipse will take place in your zodiac sign, so it will affect you to the maximum. Especially those Libras born from October 22 to 29.

Much will depend on you – you can change your life dramatically. But right now, you need to take care of your emotional state, which will play a crucial role. Your positive emotions will lay the foundation for happiness in the future. During the lunar eclipse, you need to leave behind all the bad habits that you have cultivated over the years. Instill good habits in yourself – healthy eating, sports, proper exercise, and most importantly, change your outlook on life. This will help you be stronger and more resilient.

You will be able to change your appearance for the better, successfully change your image, change your environment, and generally improve your quality of life.


A lunar eclipse can have a profound effect on your deep psychological state. Do not allow yourself to bring up negativity, fears, and worries now. This is the time to deal with them. Perhaps you will now have the end of some difficult and complicated relationships, and you will be able to transform hatred for someone into love. You will need the support of your friends or good psychologists. You will need spiritual knowledge and practices.

It is during the next six months that you will be able to decide for yourself internally where you would like to live. If you are abroad, feel if there is a future for you. Your intuition will definitely not let you down. You may also discover a lot of secrets that were literally under your nose.


It’s important for you to stay in a good mood during the lunar eclipse. You will be able to do a lot of new things in the near future. For example, organize and lead a club or gather like-minded people around you who are ready to follow your ideas. It is very important to surround yourself with people who have supported you in all your endeavors for the next six months, and then you will feel emotionally on a high. The role of friends will be very important. If your friendships are outdated now, perhaps they will end in the next six months, and new friends will replace them.

A good mood and a desire to do something will inspire you to start new interesting projects or a new business. Or maybe you want more freedom and become a freelancer.


At the time of the lunar eclipse, you shouldn’t worry about what you haven’t been able to achieve lately. It is important to believe in yourself, to be in a good mood, and then in the near future you can emotionally attract strong situations and people who will believe in you and give you great opportunities. You may have great prospects, good career growth and opportunities for good earnings, and the opening of an interesting business. You will be able to responsibly organize good teamwork. Believe in yourself!


During this lunar eclipse, you will need to control your emotions, which will be very difficult. Try to maintain a positive attitude and then you will have great opportunities. Emotionally, you will be inspired by new learning in the next six months, and you may be successful in learning foreign languages or mastering deep spiritual knowledge. You can also successfully share your experience, organize your own courses or school.

You will have a lot of traveling, possible emigration, and you will feel for sure whether this is the place to live.

You will have good relationships and work with foreigners.

The main thing is that you will feel a very strong emotional force inside, which you need to use correctly, fill it with positive and self-belief.


You always react very strongly to a lunar eclipse. Control your emotions, keep your negativity in check. It is better, on the contrary, to instill confidence and positive emotions in yourself no matter what, and put aside worries about household issues and taxes.

If you have the right attitude, you will be able to resolve everything favorably over the next six months. You’ll be able to pay off debts, repay loans, and resolve all your stressful situations. You need to turn on your positive attitude and use your intuition.

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