“He Grew Up Running in F*cking Northern Russia”: MMA Fans Dazzled as Former UFC Champion Petr Yan Shares Insane Workout Stat

Former UFC Bantamweight champion Petr Yan has been going through an astonishing phase of his UFC career. The last 3 of his fights have had a considerably controversial finish. However, this rough patch has not been able to stop Yan’s grind and hard work. The 30-year-old Russian fighter has always been known for his intense training regime and dedication to his craft. Petr Yan‘s impressive physical fitness is one of the many reasons why he is such a formidable opponent in the octagon.

He recently surprised fans by sharing a remarkable feat of physical fitness on his Instagram story.

Fans can’t keep calm over Petr Yan’s Instagram story


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Yan recently took to Instagram to give his fans a glimpse of his physical capabilities. The 16-4 record holder recently posted a selfie, and a screenshot of his fitness tracking app accompanied it. The app displayed that Yan had completed 10 km in just 44 mins. Fans reacted wildly to Yan’s accomplishment. Some even appreciated his physique. Here is how fans reacted to Yan’s story –

One fan said – “I mean.. he grew up running in f**king northern Russia in insanely cold weather. Remember seeing an IG story of him running and he had fucking icicles stuck in his nose, lol.”

Another fan praised ‘No Mercy’ and said – “He is a beast!”

One fan said – “The craziest part is he took his time during the first 4km to read his opponent then slowly started picking up the pace.”

A fan complimented his physique and said – “Petr looks f**king massive here”

One even compared him to Chandler “I thought it was Michael Chandler ffs”

Another fan said – “As a professional explosive athlete, I actually think this time really good. Even more so after factoring his height/stride.”

One fan had a different point of view about this – “I mean it’s good, but not impressive considering he’s a pro athlete.”

A string of controversial decisions for Petr Yan

All was going great for Petr Yan at UFC. ‘No Mercy’ had won the vacant Bantamweight title after defeating Jose Aldo. Just in the next fight, he faced Aljamain Sterling at UFC 259. The fight ended with disqualification after some alleged ‘illegal knees’ by Yan. Some fans and pundits believe that the knee strikes did not deserve disqualification.


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Yan faced Sterling for a rematch at UFC 273. Sterling won the match yet again, this time via a split decision. A major portion of the MMA community believed that the 30-year-old had won that match. The same happened in his next match against Sean O’Malley when the decision went in O’Malley’s favor.

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Fans are not sure when they will see Petr Yan next, but according to reports, he can come back in March. The UFC fighter is not very happy with everything that has been going on but is still putting in the effort to be at his physical peak. As fans eagerly await his next fight, there is no doubt that Yan‘s physical prowess will be on full display.


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