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The heated rivalry between Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev lived up to its billing with the Russian completing a remarkable comeback in a gruelling contest to advance through to the Australian Open final.  

Medvedev looked down and out after falling two sets behind but somehow managed to dig deep in a physical battle to prevail 5-7, 3-6, 7-6(4), 7-6(5), 6-3. 

Medvedev will now meet Jannik Sinner, who toppled 10-time champion Novak Djokovic, in the final on Sunday as he tries to finally land his first Aus Open crown after falling short on two previous occasions. 

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Marathon matches have been the bread and butter of both Zverev and Medvedev throughout the tournament and as the hours dragged on and the two delved deeper and deeper into the trenches, a five-set thriller seemed like destiny. 

Zverev shocked the world when he dispatched Carlos Alcaraz in the quarter-finals, operating at an impressive level as he landed 85 percent of his first serves to ease his way past the Spaniard. 

In the first two sets, he looked as if he would cruise into the decider as his big serve forced his opponent almost into the stands with his deep positioning to try and counteract the power. 

Yet Medvedev rallied from his desperate position to steal the third set in a tiebreak and apply a significant dose of pressure on his rival. 

From there, the world no.3 got a second wind and battled his way to the fourth set via another tiebreak win which all but broke Zverev’s will after a fortunate bounce off the net cord fell in the Russian’s favour. 

“He’s been kicking my ass,” Zverev admitted prior to the match, after losing four of his last five matches against Medvedev. 

And that uncertainty and doubt – mixed in with a heavy dose of exhaustion as he passed over 20 hours out on court this tournament – came back to haunt the German in the final set. 

He was broken early and never really looked like he would be capable of bouncing back after losing two close sets as Medvedev charged his way to an incredible comeback. 

The Sporting News followed the Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexnder Zverev match live, providing score updates, commentary, and highlights as it happened.

Danill Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev final score

  Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5

[3] Daniil Medvedev

5 3 7 7 6

[6] Alexander Zverev (GER)*

7 6 6 6 3

*Denotes server

Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev score, updates, highlights and commentary

*Denotes server

Medvedev wins the fifth set – 6-3

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 5-3 Zverev*

Zverev falls behind after his second serve lands him in trouble. He then nets a forehand to sink to 0-30. He wanders over to his seat to change his racquet. Bit of gamesmanship, perhaps? He slams a serve down and follows up at the net to get a point back. A forehand winner is then driven home by Zverev. He goes long in the next rally though to give Medvedev match point. Zverev hits one off the net and it bounces out – there it is! An incredible comeback is complete. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 5-3 Zverev

Medvedev battles to 30-15 but he’s then helped out with an unforced error from Zverev. 40-15. The German nets and it’s another hold. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 4-3 Zverev*

Two quick points to start for Zverev and it’s looking like it will be an easy service game. But then he goes long on a forehand. He reacts well though as Medvedev is forced around the court until he misses on a backhand. The German holds. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 4-2 Zverev

Medvedev produces a wide serve and follows up with a crushing forehand. But then he falters with a backhand when trying to go on the offensive. 30-30. Zverev goes long and mumbles to himself before netting a volley as the Russian consolidates the break. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 3-2 Zverev*

Zverev has his opponent beat all ends up but nets a forehand causing a massive groan from the crowd. It looked tired and understandably so as the game ticks over the four-hour mark. He smashes a forehand long and then things go from bad to worse as he misses another one at the net. Zverev smashes his racquet into the net in frustration with a miss and it’s two break points! Zverev slams home an overhead volley. 30-40. He brings it to deuce with a volley at the net, which this time he nails. Medvedev responds in style with a brilliant passing shot to bring up break point. Zverev nets and he’s losing his head. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 2-2 Zverev

A 15-shot rally is ended when Medvedev guides one down the line. Zverev looks up to his box in disgust as the Russian rattles off two easy points to hold. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 1-2 Zverev*

Lovely shot at the net from Zverev which almost defies belief. He then dishes up two serve and volleys to lead 40-0. Zverev sends a volley at the net straight to Medvedev, who rips a passing shot down the line. An ace to finish things off. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 1-1 Zverev

Zverev sprays one wide and then Medvedev returns the favour with a backhander down the line. Two more errors from the German lead Medvedev to within one point. He pulls out an ace. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 7-6 0-1 Zverev*

Zverev will no doubt be gutted by the two losses in the past two tiebreaks but he comes out and holds to love to start the fifth. 

Medvedev wins the fourth set – 7-6(5)

Tiebreak: Medvedev 7-5 Zverev

Zverev dishes up an ace down the T before he pins Medvedev to the corners of the court. 2-1 to the German. But Medvedev ties it up at the net with a delicate volley. A backhand winner then catches Zverev cold. A serve and volley from Zverev – which just lands in – ties it up at 3-3. He repeats the trick to take the lead. Then Medvedev replies with a serve and volley of his own as the duo go toe-to-toe. A double fault from the Russian gifts Zverev the lead at 5-4. But he fires a forehand into the corner to level it up. Then gets a lucky bounce off the net before serving to win the set and send it into the fifth. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 6-6 Zverev*

Zverev works his opponent round the court before unleashing with a stunning two-handed backhand. Medvedev calls for a close call on it and it holds play up, with Zverev not happy as he complains about the move to the chair umpire. The distraction doesn’t stop him though from closing out the game. We’re heading to a second successive tiebreak. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 6-5 Zverev

Zverev sends a backhand into the net as Medvedev grabs a 30-0 lead. A backhand winner down the line then follows from the German. But it isn’t enough as the Russian cruises to another routine hold. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 5-5 Zverev*

Zverev responds to the disappointment of not getting the break in the previous game with a comfortable hold.  

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 5-4 Zverev

Medvedev misses one at the net and then sends a backhand wide down the line to land himself in trouble. 0-30. Zverev makes an unforced error during a rally. 15-30. An ace ties things up. A backhander driven into the corner puts the Russian up and he does brilliantly to hold. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 4-4 Zverev*

Medvedev blasts a passing shot past the approaching Zverev. He responds with an ace to bail himself out of trouble. Medvedev earns a break point at the net with an unbelievable get from Zverev’s attempted passing shot. The German’s serve gets him out of trouble again to take it to deuce. A lob sails over Zverev’s head at the net though and bounces in to hand Medvedev another opportunity to break. The big serve returns at the perfect time as he manages to hold on. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 4-3 Zverev

A straightforward hold for Medvedev as the German is unable to register a point. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 3-3 Zverev*

Zverev looking tired as he sends one into the net. He responds with a powerful serve. 15-15. Medvedev misses with a passing shot and then misjudges a looping return from a drop shot which bounces in. 40-15. The German holds as the arm wrestle continues. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 3-2 Zverev

The two players exchange unforced errors. 15-15. Then Medvedev sends one long to give Zverev a sniff. The Russian swings a passing shot past Zverev to tie things up. Then grabs the next point at the net. He holds. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 2-2 Zverev*

Zverev has clocked over 20 hours out on court now during his Aus Open run. Is the toil catching up to him? Not just yet, as he powers his way to a hold to love. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 2-1 Zverev

The Russian bags a 30-0 lead then two Zverev errors close out the game to love. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6 1-1 Zverev*

Three quick points on serve for Zverev, before flicking a backhand winner down the line. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6 1-0 Zverev

Medvedev gets an easy hold to start the fourth. How will Zeverev respond to the setback? 

Medvedev wins the third set – 7-6(4)

Tiebreak: Medvedev 7-4 Zverev

Medvedev strikes first against serve with a brilliant return but then nets on his own serve. The Russian cuts off the court after a searching backhand to volley for an impressive winner. The German misses his volley at the net to give Medvedev a two-point lead. 3-1. Two poor misses from Medvedev follow for Zverev to tie things up. Locked at 4-4. Medvedev grabs the lead with a strong ground stroke and then serves for the set. Zverev sends one long and Medvedev’s got it. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 6-6 Zverev

Zverev swings a volley wide and complains about the lights for the miss. A gorgeous drop shot lands his fourth winner from the shot for the match. Hold to love. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 5-6 Zverev*

A poorly executed slice leaves a free shot for Zverev down the line which he takes. Zverev coms to the net as Medvedev narrowly misses a brilliant passing shot. 30-15. Forehand winner sends the Russian the wrong way from the baseline. Zverev serves it out. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 5-5 Zverev

The Russian races into a 40-0 lead as he clearly senses his opportunity to get on top and win the set. He holds easily. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 4-5 Zverev*

A forehand is smashed into the corner for Zverev as Medvedev can only shake his head. 15-0. The German comes to the net and volleys. 30-0. Medvedev fires a crystal-clear return cross court that stuns the crowd. 30-15. Then Zverev nets. A big first serve gets him out of trouble. 40-30. But his first double fault of the match leads to deuce. Incredible point brings the crowd to their feet as both men pull off miracle returns – Medvedev somehow gets to a drop shot and fires a winner across his body to earn a break point. He then goes for the kill with a forehand but sprays it well wide. A return to the exhausting rallies suddenly emerges, with Zverev successfully forcing the issue in the end. The German holds with an ace.  

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 4-4 Zverev

Zverev overpowering Medvedev in the exchanges now as the Russian sends a tired hit straight into the net. He responds with a nice serve. 15-30.  A good scramble from Medvedev keeps him in the point and proves integral as Zverev sends one long with the line at his mercy. Medvedev holds. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 3-4 Zverev*

Serve and volley as the rapid points are starting to come thick and fast. An ace to make it 30-0. The German powers a winner at the net. 40-0. A hold to love. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 3-3 Zverev

Two quick points for Medvedev, including an ace. Zverev then fires a return long. 40-0. Medvedev comes to the net looking for a volley but misses. Strong serve wraps up the game. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 2-3 Zverev*

Medvedev unable to return three serves in a row. 30-0. An ace to finish it. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 2-2 Zverev

Long rally to start with Medvedev showing signs of a groin complaint again as he eventually nets. The Russian powers through the game to wrap it up quickly though as new balls are called for. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 1-2 Zverev*

Medvedev races into a 0-30 lead. The German sends down a strong serve to get on the board but then misfires at the net with a volley. 15-40. Zverev whips a forehand down the line to save the first break point. Then Medvedev goes long on a return of serve. Big serve to grab the advantage but Medvedev wins a brilliant point with a drop shot sending the German racing, before he’s on hand to volley the winner at the net. Zverev manages to hold though. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 1-1 Zverev

Perfect sliced backhand gives Medvedev a lead. He then follows it up with a strong serve. Easy hold. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 0-1 Zverev*

Strong serve to start from Zverev. A big serve and then searching forehand makes it 30-0. Medvedev looks up to his box as he seems to be struggling with a groin injury. The Russian looks hindered as Zverev holds for an easy game. 

9:38pm: A six-minute break in play as both players leave the court. 

Zverev wins second set – 6-3

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 Zverev

Zverev making Medvedev pay for his deep positioning with a nicely executed pick-up shot. The German marches to two set points and gets it on the second as Medvedev fires a forehand long and wide. 

Medvedev 5-7 3-5 Zverev*

Serve and volley from Zverev but the radar on his forehand remains off as he goes long on the following point. A quick glance up to the box and a muttering under the breath. A sprayed forehand only makes things worse. 30-30. Serve and volley again but this time on a second serve. Zverev holds. 

Medvedev* 5-7 3-4 Zverev

Two quick points to open for Medvedev, with Zverev then netting while looking for a forehand winner. 40-0. Ace to close. 

Medvedev 5-7 2-4 Zverev*

Zverev continues to charge in with a volley at the net grabbing the first point of the game. A 23-shot rally follows with Zverev punishing a slice as he slams a forehand down in reply for the winner. An easy hold to consolidate the break. 

Medvedev* 5-7 2-3 Zverev

Zverev starting to come forward more regularly and cut off the court as he establishes a lead. He whips a forehand winner right into the corner to earn two break points. Zverev is unable to convert the first as he nets while Medvedev follows with a strong serve to bring it to deuce. Zverev fires a backhand winner down the line for adv, but Medvedev responds with a cheeky drop shot. Zverev attempts to do it back to the Russian, but he manages to scramble and return only to then fire one long at the net. Zverev then whips a forehand to get his fifth break of the match. 

Medvedev 5-7 2-2 Zverev*

Zverev nets a backhander and drops his head as his frustration levels grow with the next point then also being won by Medvedev. A delicate drop shot switches things up and catches Medvedev out. 15-30. He then comes forward and forces the Russian to net. 30-30. Zverev repeats the dose to smash a winner at the net. A strong hold. 

Medvedev* 5-7 2-1 Zverev

Zverev growing increasingly frustrated with his ground strokes as he sends two wide and long. Without having the killer forehand shot in his arsenal at the minute, he’s being forced to get into long rallies with Medvedev. A relatively simple hold for the Russian. 

Medvedev 5-7 1-1 Zverev*

A welcome ace to start. Then another strong serve is netted by Medvedev. He sprays a searching backhand wide though to hand the Russian his first point of the game. Then Zverev nets to draw scores level. The German responds by approaching for a shorter point as he holds. 

Medvedev* 5-7 1-0 Zverev

Medvedev goes long on a forehand and then is left scrambling to return a cross court Zverev backhand. 0-30. A second serve isn’t punished the way it should have been with the German smashing a return wide. 15-30. Zverev then whips a forehand wide down the line. 30-30. Medvedev can’t buy a first serve and the German takes advantage to close in and send a forehand winner out of his reach. Break point. But he can’t grab the opportunity with a wayward shot. An extremely rare ace down the T for Medvedev for adv. He holds. 

Zverev wins the first set 7-5

Medvedev 5-7 Zverev*

Serving for the set for the second time, Zverev serves and volleys to gain the first point. He again comes into the net with Medvedev netting a passing backhand. 30-0. A clear change of tactics from the German who doesn’t seem to want to get locked into those long rallies anymore. He sends an early backhand wide down the line though and cries out in frustration. 30-30. Then it’s his forehand that goes awry while having the Russian on the ropes. A break point for Medvedev, but he goes long on a return and we’re at deuce. Zverev comes to the net after the longest rally of the match so far but inexplicably misses the volley! It doesn’t bother him though as he returns to the well on break point and doesn’t miss the volley this time. The longest rally you’re ever likely to see follows, with Zverev finally executing an inch perfect drop shot to bring up set point and bring the crowd to their feet. Zverev gets the best of a short-range rally to win the first set after 58 minutes of topsy turvy tennis. 

Medvedev* 5-6 Zverev

A passing shot down the line from Medvedev restores parity. 15-15. But he then goes long. 15-30. Zverev nets. 30-30. Medvedev is forcing his opponent into engaging in physical baseline rallies with no point coming easy. Yet Zverev forces his way to a break point with a lucky net cord then allowing him to win the game. Five breaks of serve in the set. 

Medvedev 5-5 Zverev*

Serving for the opening set, Zverev loops a forehand long as he looks up to his box in frustration. It’s then Medvedev’s turn to send a forehand long at the baseline. 15-15. The Russian then nets after an extended 23-shot rally which moved both men all around the court. Zverev sends a forehand long. 30-30. The German finally lands a first serve in but after a 34-shot rally, an errant forehand lands Medvedev a break point. Zverev goes long and Medvedev has got back the double break! 

Medvedev* 4-5 Zverev

Medvedev with two quick points despite still struggling to land his first serve. Zverev has a similar problem as he nets with a forehand again. In response, the German comes to the net to volley a winner. 40-15. Medvedev then sends one long. 40-30. An ace to hold. 

Medvedev 3-5 Zverev*

Zverev seems to be controlling the tempo in the rallies but he nets after a slow forehand. 0-15. He powers an ace down the T. And again! First serve narrowly misses making it three aces in a row. Zverev nets another forehand. 30-30. Zverev runs the Russian ragged, yet he somehow manages to return twice. On the third looping return, Zverev slams home the overhead winner. He can’t shake Medvedev though as we go to deuce with another mistimed forehand. The German drops one short at the net to take adv then swerves his third ace of the game to wrap it up. 

Medvedev* 3-4 Zverev

Another double fault from Medvedev, which is crucifying him at the minute. There is no rhythm to his service game, but he manages to poke his nose in front with a nice slice forcing Zverev to go long. He then goes too long. 40-30. Shot down the line wins Medvedev the game. 

Medvedev 2-4 Zverev*

After just 20 minutes or so Zverev looks to be cruising to the opening set but then loses the first two points of the game. Medvedev earns two break points. A serve and volley saves one but he then goes long as the Russian breaks back. 

Medvedev* 1-4 Zverev

Zverev whips a brilliant forehand winner down the line after the duo exchange a predominantly backhand heavy rally. However, he then makes an error when coming to the net when he lets a ball fly past him – it lands comfortably in. 15-30. Then yet another double fault from Medvedev. 15-40. And another double fault! 

Medvedev 1-3 Zverev*

Zverev with a big serve to start.15-0. The German sprays a forehand wide to level things up. Medvedev struggling to return the serve early as Zverev wraps up two quick points, while finding a winner through his forehand. Another easy hold. 

Medvedev* 1-2 Zverev

Double fault to start. 0-15. First long rally of the match and Medvedev goes long. 0-30. And another double fault as the Russian finds himself in big trouble early. Zverev needs just one break point opportunity as he powers a backhand winner to grab the game. 

Medvedev 1-1 Zverev*

Medvedev stands nine metres or so behind the baseline to try and counteract the German’s serve. The deep positioning doesn’t help though as he loses the first three points. An easy hold. 

Medvedev* 1-0 Zverev

Medvedev charges to the net for volley on the first point then rifles an ace. The Russian holds for an easy service game to love. 


Medvedev vs. Zverev is underway! 

7.45pm: Zverev won the toss and chose to receive as the final moments of their warm-up nears completion. 

7:40pm: The two players are out on court as anticipation builds for this massive clash. 

7:20pm: Medvedev and Zverev are vying for the chance to play Jannik Sinner in the final after the Italian shocked 10-time Aussie Open champion Novak Djokovic earlier in the day. 

6:45pm: Hello and welcome to The Sporting News’ live coverage of this Australian Open men’s singles semi-final between Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev. 

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How to watch Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev: TV channel, live stream

The second men’s singles semi-final is set to begin at 7.30pm AEDT on Friday, January 26.

Here’s a breakdown of the TV channels and live streams showing the match in the major territories around the world:

Country TV Channel Live Stream
USA ESPN, Tennis Channel Fubo , ESPN+
Canada RDS, TSN TSN Direct
UK Eurosport discovery+
Australia Channel Nine Stan Sport

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