China’s Heilongjiang Tourism Booms After Visa-Free Travel with Russia – Dailynewsegypt

Heilongjiang Province’s tourism industry has witnessed a surge since September 2023, following the introduction of visa-free travel for tour groups between China and Russia.

The new policy has spurred cross-border travel, with frequent intercity bus routes established between the Russian city of Nizhneleninsk and the Heilongjiang city of Tongjiang. These routes cater to tourists with a special focus on local specialties, offering fine dining featuring regional fish dishes.

Travellers have been particularly impressed by the culinary experience and the intricate art of fish skin crafting, a significant aspect of Tongjiang’s cultural heritage, as reported by CCTV+, a partner of TV BRICS.

The visa-free policy has also facilitated cultural exchange between the two countries. This past Saturday, the city of Suifenhe hosted a successful arts festival featuring over 400 Chinese and Russian teenagers. The vibrant performances showcased the rich cultural traditions of both nations.

Looking ahead, regular cultural and social exchange activities are planned throughout 2024 to further strengthen ties between residents of China and Russia.

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