CBI uncovers racket promising lucrative jobs for Indian youth in war-torn Russia – Greater Kashmir

New Delhi, Mar 8: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has revealed a trend of exploitation, with a network of agents enticing unsuspecting individuals into the war-torn regions of Russia under the guise of lucrative job opportunities.

The agency disclosed that these agents were utilizing social media platforms, including YouTube, as well as local contacts to ensnare vulnerable youth.

The scope of this network spans across multiple states, with approximately 35 individuals falling victim to this deceitful racket.

Tragically, this revelation follows the deaths of two Indians who were duped into traveling to Russia and subsequently perished in the conflict.

The CBI has denounced these traffickers for operating within an organized network, preying on the aspirations of unsuspecting individuals by falsely promising lucrative employment opportunities abroad.

These individuals were subsequently coerced into combat training and deployed to frontlines in the Russia-Ukraine war zone against their will, placing their lives in imminent peril.

In response to these violations, the CBI has initiated legal action against numerous private visa consultancy firms and agents implicated in the trafficking scheme.

CBI in a press statement said, “ In this regard, a case of human trafficking is registered on 06.03.2024 against private Visa Consultancy Firms and agents and others who have been found engaged in trafficking of Indian Nationals to Russia under the guise of better employment and high paying jobs. “

The Press Statement further sys, “ The human trafficking network of these agents is spread over several States across the country. CBI is conducting simultaneous searches at around 13 locations in Delhi, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Ambala, Chandigarh, Madurai and Chennai.

“So far cash amounting over Rs. 50 lakhs, incriminating documents and electronic records like laptops, mobiles, desktops, CCTV footage etc.have been seized.”

Searches are going on. Certain suspects have also been detained for questioning at various locations.

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