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The Central Investigation Agency (CBI) has arrested some people in the case of illegally sending youth to war zones in the Russia-Ukraine war. CBI has arrested 4 people in the case of human trafficking in the name of providing jobs to the youth in the Russian Army. This is the first arrest made by CBI in the case of human trafficking, in this case, the youth were being cheated in the guise of attractive jobs in Russia. Ukraine was being sent to the war zone.

These are the names of all four

According to the information, CBI has arrested two accused on May 7, 2024, namely Arun father name is Norbet and Yesudas Jr alias Priyan father name is Yesudas, both are residents of Trivandrum Kerala. All of them have been arrested under sections 370, 420 and 120B of the IPC in the CBI case registered on March 6, 2024. At the same time, on April 24, 2024, apart from these, the CBI had arrested two accused namely Nijil Jobi Bensam resident of Kanyakumari and Antony Michael Ellengowal resident of Mumbai and they were sent to judicial custody.

The case was registered in March

Let us inform you that in the month of March, CBI had registered a case against some people including some consultancies and their owners and also conducted raids at 10 locations in 7 states. Meanwhile, some videos had surfaced from some areas of Russia in which some people from consultancy were calling Indians in the name of jobs in Russia. At the same time, such videos had surfaced on the border of some youth who were forcibly trapped in this war.

On March 6, 2024, CBI had exposed a big human trafficking racket across the country in which youth were promised jobs abroad, they used to contact Indian youth especially on YouTube, these were the same dealers who were in Russia. Used to work as social media agents on a large level.

Deployment in war was done against one’s will

Indian youth were deployed after training in front line war areas in Russia and Ukraine on the pretext of jobs abroad and all this was against their will. By putting the lives of these young Indian citizens in danger, they were sent to the front line war without their consent, in which many Indian citizens were seriously injured. CBI had registered a case against these consultancies and their owners and started investigation.

How was the work done?

For your information, let us tell you that accused Nijil Jobai Bensam worked as a translator on contract basis in Russia and had an important role in recruiting Indian youth into the Russian Army. While accused Michel Anthony used to help another accused Faisal Baba based in Dubai, he played an important role on social media in getting visas for Indian youth through China and taking them to Russia. Accused Arun and Yusudas Junior alias Priyan were the main recruiters who recruited Indian youth, mainly from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, into the Russian Army. CBI suspects that there are big rackets and people involved in this international human trafficking and is busy in investigation to reach them.

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