Blood-soaked woman with shopping bags pictured in Ukraine as 6 killed in Russian attack

Russian missiles struck Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities Tuesday morning, killing at least six people and injuring 70 others — with devastating images showing the blood-soaked walking wounded.

One horrifying image shows a woman covered from head to toe in large splatters of blood — her head barely visible under thick, white bandages.

Before she was treated, her face was coated with thick blood, reminiscent more of a gory Halloween mask than a woman still holding shopping bags from a routine outing.

She was seen standing in an ambulance, staring shell-shocked at the devastation in Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv, which suffered the greatest blow in the early-morning attack.

There, five people were reportedly killed while another 51 were injured in the attack, according to Governor Oleh Synehubov.

A woman is coated in blood after Moscow’s early-morning attack on Ukraine. REUTERS

Medical staff dragged bloodied and injured civilians out of smoking piles of rubble.

At least 30 apartment buildings were damaged in the onslaught, Mayor Ihor Terekhov told local media.

A broken gas pipeline also left thousands of residents without power into the morning, state energy firm Naftogaz reported.

Medics lead the injured and bloodied woman to get help after the onslaught. Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

Meanwhile in Kyiv, up to 22 people including three children were wounded in the onslaught, which targeted several apartments and non-residential buildings.

Air raid sirens blared out in the capital city as rescuers tended to injured residents and cleaned up broken glass from the streets.

Tuesday’s bombardment also killed one person in the southeastern city of Pavlohrad, the regional governor said.

Some injured residents have their faces entirely covered in bandages. AFP via Getty Images

Other terrifying images showed civilians being moved to get help in stretchers with their faces entirely bandaged up, while others had faces streaking red with blood.

The horrifying onslaught included more than 40 ballistic, cruise, anti-aircraft and guided missiles, Ukrainian officials said, noting that their air force had intercepted 21 of them.

Nearly 20 of the missiles had been shot down over Kyiv, a city spokesperson said.

Residents described hearing a loud bang before seeing nearby buildings catching fire.

At least 70 people, including several children, were injured in the attack. AFP via Getty Images

“There was a very loud bang, and my mother was already running outside, shouting that we need to leave. We all went to the corridor,” resident Daniel Boliukh, 21, said.

“Then, we went on the balcony to have a look, and saw all these buildings were on fire.”

Russia has carried out regular air strikes on Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure since launching its invasion in February 2022.

At least six people were killed in the attacks Tuesday. REUTERS

Kyiv has repeatedly called for more advanced air defense systems from its Western allies to protect itself against Russian barrage.

The US is currently unable to send Ukraine any ammunition or weapons as Congress has to approve additional funding.

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