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Ukrainian President Zelensky and US President Joe Biden.

Paris: America is Ukraine’s biggest supporter in the war against Russia. It is because of America that Ukraine has been fighting alone against the world’s most powerful country like Russia for 2 years. America has provided weapons worth billions of dollars to Ukraine several times so far. Even now, America remains the biggest supplier of weapons to Ukraine. But there is something such that despite all this, US President Joe Biden had to apologize to Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Biden on Friday publicly apologized to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for the first time. This is due to the delay of months in US military aid. Biden apologized to Zelensky for this. The delay in the supply of weapons helped Russia gain an edge on the battlefield. Both leaders attended the ceremony organized on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Paris ‘D-Day Landing’. On this occasion, Biden told Zelensky that he apologizes to the Ukrainian people for the months when they did not know whether more aid would come or not.

The matter was pending in the US Parliament

President Joe Biden had approved aid to Ukraine, but the matter was stuck in Parliament. Because not all US lawmakers were in favor of giving more aid to Ukraine. Therefore, Biden’s statement was in the context when the proposal to give military aid to Ukraine was stuck for six months in the US Parliament. However, in April, this proposal was passed in Congress and Biden signed a military aid package of US $ 61 billion to Ukraine. Biden stressed that the American people always stand with Ukraine. He said, “We are still together. Completely. (AP)

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