All you need to know about Russian rock band Picnic

Coming as a huge shocker, it was revealed that guards at the concert hall didn’t have guns and some of them could have been killed at the start of the attack. Some of the online reports, backed by Russian news outlets, suggest that the attackers fled before special forces and riot police arrived.

Massive blaze over the Crocus City Hall (AP/PTI photo)

New Delhi: More than 60 individuals were killed and over 100 others got injured on Friday (March 22, 2023) as assailants burst into a large concert hall in Moscow, Russia. Attackers sprayed the crowd with gunfire and set fire to the venue in a brazen attack.

In a statement posted on affiliated channels on social media, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack. As of now, it is still not confirmed what happened to the attackers after the raid. Investigations into the matter are underway by various agencies.

Russian rock band Picnic

According to, one witness has claimed that the violence erupted minutes before the Russian rock band, Picnic, was due to come on stage. It is also being said that all the musicians were not harmed during the shooting at the Crocus City Hall music venue.

Band manager Yuri Chernyshevsky confirmed to a news agency that Picnic performers were evacuated from the crime scene. Reportedly, over 6,000 Russians gathered at the Crocus City Hall retail and concert complex for the concert.

Picnic is said to be known for its unique style which amalgamates art rock, progressive rock and original Russian rock. Formed in 1978, the band is believed to have released some of its early songs in the Polish language. As per online reports, Edmund Shklyarskiy, Leonid Kirnos, Marat Korchemny and Stanislav Shklyarskiy are active members of Picnic.

Deadliest attack in Russia in years

People who were in the hall during the attack stated that there were volleys of gunfire. Videos, circulating on social media, showed men toting assault rifles shooting screaming people at point-blank range. This is the most harrowing attack in Russia in years as the country’s war in Ukraine dragged into a third year.

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