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Il Kyrgyzstan advises its citizens against traveling to Russia. We learn this from an alert issued by the Foreign Ministry of Bishkek, the second of a Central Asian country after the Tajikistan. This after the Russian authorities announced the precautionary custody of around ten people, including Tajiks and Kyrgyz, in relation to the attack last March 22 at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Moscow, claimed by the Islamic State in Khorasan (IS-K ).

Since then, several independent media have reported alleged mistreatment of Central Asian immigrants in Russia. On April 29, the Foreign Ministry of Tajikistan summoned the ambassador of the Russian Federation, Semyon Grigorijev, to deliver him a note of protest against what he describes as the “unjust treatment” suffered by its citizens in Moscow. The ministry itself made this known in a note, expressing “serious concern” about the “frequent cases” in which Tajik citizens were treated by the Russian authorities “in a deliberately negative manner”.

In a previous press release, the Dushanbe Foreign Ministry itself had reported that around a thousand Tajik citizens had been stranded at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport since last April 27 because they were unable to enter Russian territory, “without having been guaranteed the appropriate health conditions ”. Tajik diplomacy also reported 27 citizens expelled so far by the Russian authorities and another 306 awaiting a similar measure. “Such restrictive measures were taken only with respect to citizens of Tajikistan,” the statement added, underlining how other “dozens” of Tajiks are stranded in other Moscow airports. This is a rare diplomatic dispute between two countries that are historically close on a political, economic and military level.

A former Soviet republic, Tajikistan is part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and hosts a Russian military base on its territory, the 201st, right in the capital Dushanbe. Furthermore, the national economy depends heavily on remittances from citizens who have emigrated to Russia, over one million out of a total population of just over 10 million inhabitants. The Bishkek ministry, for its part, said in a statement issued today that it had not received information regarding similar incidents, but added that it is “monitoring the current situation in Russia and its consequences on the legal status of Kyrgyz citizens”.

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