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This week will promote an active lifestyle and realization  of all plans. However, there may be tension in relationships with loved ones in the middle of the week, you also need to be cautious in financial matters.  On what to expect this week to representatives of each sign of the Zodiac especially for readers UNN told professional astrologer Xenia Basilenko. 

According to Bazilenko, after the end of Mercury retrograde motion last week, we will feel more clarity of mind and activity in all matters, especially thinking. 

 From May 1, Mars, which will be in Aries until June 9, will be even more dynamic. This means that we will be full of energy and strength, and we will have a desire to be proactive.

Venus will also change its position at the beginning of the week and enter the favorable sign of Taurus until May 23, where it will be able to display its harmonious nature. But in the middle of this week, she will make a hard square to Pluto, which will bring tension in relationships with loved ones, and one must be cautious in financial matters. You should not take risks during this period, but rather think through each step wisely

– told the astrologer.

Also, she said, from May 1 to May 2, the Moon will be  in the sign of Aquarius and will create  a number of tense aspects. Here you will need to watch your emotional state and avoid getting into conflicts.

 As the astrologer noted, this week will promote an active lifestyle and the realization  of all conceived plans.


This week you are expected to have a great burst of strength, energy and enthusiasm. This is a great time to realize your plans and projects. Success in financial matters awaits you. Expect great support from influential people. Be open to new ideas and don’t be afraid to take on challenges.


You will have a week where success will depend on you. It is a great moment for active realization of all your plans. But in the middle of the week you will have a lot of emotional tension, because of which you may make mistakes. Be calm and focus on stability.


Despite the great social activity you should also pay attention to your inner world. Sort out your true desires and what is going on behind your back.  A lot of accumulated problems you can sort out and talk frankly with your friends. Find time for solitude and relaxation. The time is suitable for spiritual development.


This week will bring you good opportunities and great activity in affairs. This time is great for meeting friends and making new acquaintances. Your charm will attract people to you. This is a time for experimenting and trying new methods. Your unique ideas will attract attention. But avoid nervous tension at the beginning of the week. More good emotions.


You will be focused on your career and achieving your goals. Your ability to work hard and discipline will bring you success. You may be offered a new position or move to a new more lucrative job. Don’t forget to balance your work and personal life. You may feel a lot of emotional tension in the middle of the week.


Your desire for change will be at its peak. This is a great time to travel or explore new areas of knowledge. Expand your horizons. Working with foreigners will be excellent. Take time to educate yourself. 


This week will be very active and full of different events for you. You should rely more on your own intuition and not be afraid to take risks. The intensity of feelings will help you to understand yourself and others better. It is now that you will be able to successfully complete the issues that have accumulated.


This week will bring you harmony and balance, provided you are sensitive and diplomatic with your partners in both business and marriage. You should not touch upon the subject of jealousy or finances in your personal relations. You will be able to successfully sign important documents, solve any legal issues.


A wonderful and very active period for solving all business issues. Luck can be in changing jobs, in establishing relations with the team. It’s time to engage in analysis and planning. Your attention to detail will help you identify non-obvious solutions. You will be lucky in love. It is worth spending time on your health.


It’s a good week for outdoor activities. Your creativity will be maximized. Use this energy to express yourself in art or other creative projects. Don’t be afraid to be the center of attention. Love relationship issues will come to the forefront and will depend on your inner harmony and fulfillment. 


A week of strengthening home bonds. Show care for your family and loved ones. This is a good period for home comfort, buying and selling real estate, solving all household issues. You may also make interesting acquaintances. Take care of your self-education as well. In the middle of the week you may feel a lot of emotional tension. Try to rely more on your common sense to avoid mistakes.


Emotions will surge, so be prepared for deep conversations and possible resolution of long-standing issues. 

 Your intuition will be particularly strong. Trust your premonitions and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. You will have a week of reflection and opportunities for financial growth. It’s a great time to invest or start long-term projects. Focus on stability.

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